Atlantic Canada’s Leader in Masonry Repair & Masonry Restoration

Choose Duron Atlantic for our wide range of masonry repair and restoration services providing interior and exterior maintenance and enhancement of commercial, heritage, institutional, religious, and industrial buildings and structures.

Our masonry specialists use the latest masonry restoration technologies and quality masonry repair products, ensuring your project’s success every step of the way. Our expertise for handling large, complex projects in Atlantic Canada can’t be beat.

From ornate stone to brick to terra cotta, Duron Atlantic works closely with architects, engineers, general contractors, building owners, developers and property manager to solve the problem or restore the beauty of your masonry.

The professionals at Duron Atlantic recommend checking your masonry surfaces every few months, while keeping an eye out for things like:

  • Damage
  • Discolourations and stains
  • Loose mortar
  • Weeds

Call us today to find out how Duron Atlantic can save you money over the long run with a regular maintenance program for your masonry. We offer inspection services in even remote locations and hard to access sites.

Duron Atlantic masonry restoration and masonry repair services include:

  • Repointing Water Joints
  • Brick & Block Replacement
  • Through-Wall Flashing Repairs
  • Masonry Veneers Stabilization
  • Masonry Sealers & Coatings
  • Chimney Replacements
  • Stone Repairs
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Duron Atlantic Limited is a Maritime-based company that serves all of Atlantic Canada.  Anyone who lives here will tell you that we live in one of the most beautiful corners of the world, but that we have one of the harshest environments for buildings and infrastructure.  Duron Atlantic knows what works here and we’ve seen what doesn’t.  Let us help you with your commercial projects.