Quality, Safety and Comfort For Manufacturing Facilities

Duron Atlantic understands why today’s manufacturing plants are clean, airy, well-lit, and much safer than before.  Manufacturers have quality systems and processes in place to ensure maximum up-time of machinery, high quality standards, optimal supply chain levels and offer employee comforts.  To do all this, manufacturers rely on good construction methodologies and design principals.

Duron Atlantic works with manufacturers to ensure caulking and building envelop systems are in place, whether working with tilt-up panel, metal or standard construction.

Flooring solutions, are important in manufacturing for visual cues, safety and product compliance.

Duron Atlantic offers varying flooring solutions, including an economical Ashford Formula™ flooring system to densify a floor and minimize dust for easy maintenance all the way through to polished concrete or epoxy flooring, for a showroom quality finish.

Duron Atlantic offers manufacturers smart, comprehensive construction solutions including concrete restoration, waterproofing and coating services – it starts with a simple call.

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Duron Atlantic Limited is a Maritime-based company that serves all of Atlantic Canada.  Anyone who lives here will tell you that we live in one of the most beautiful corners of the world, but that we have one of the harshest environments for buildings and infrastructure.  Duron Atlantic knows what works here and we’ve seen what doesn’t.  Let us help you with your commercial projects.