The Power To Get Things Done Right

At Duron Atlantic, we know power plants and utility properties are expected to be operating with exceedingly high uptimes.  Downtime is normally allowed only when shutdowns are scheduled.  Maintenance is done on a regular basis and people need to bring their A-game, every day.  Operations and facilities are expected to work without failure.  And when something goes wrong, contingencies need to be in place.

Duron Atlantic provides a full range of solutions and value for managers of utility operations. We have the systems, certifications and know-how to get to work and to get the job done right.

Duron Atlantic utility and power plant projects have included waterproofing full foundations, forming turbine channels, restoring flow chambers, enhancing flooring, demolishing abandoned stacks, and coating tanks.

Duron Atlantic offers the utilities and power plant marketplace smart, comprehensive construction solutions including concrete restoration, waterproofing and coating services – it starts with a simple call.

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Duron Atlantic Limited is a Maritime-based company that serves all of Atlantic Canada.  Anyone who lives here will tell you that we live in one of the most beautiful corners of the world, but that we have one of the harshest environments for buildings and infrastructure.  Duron Atlantic knows what works here and we’ve seen what doesn’t.  Let us help you with your commercial projects.