Interior & Exterior Concrete Restoration & Concrete Repair

Using the latest concrete restoration technologies and the right concrete repair products, Duron Atlantic’s highly skilled workforce has the expertise to handle the simplest and most complex interior or exterior concrete restoration or refurbishment projects.

We are the only concrete repair firm in Atlantic Canada certified for Ashford Formula™, RetroPlate System® and Maxxon.  These are fantastic solutions to protect and densify your new or existing concrete slab, making parkades dust-free, stain resistant and a whole lot easier to maintain.

Fixing concrete surfaces, cracks, chips and holes in a timely manner, saves you from the hassle and worry of more expensive repairs or even complete replacement in the future, maintaining the safety and the beauty of your concrete structure.

Duron Atlantic is a specialist in concrete slab repair, including floor underlayments and toppings.  Whether using Maxxon’s gypcrete product to ensure efficient noise reduction and infloor heat transfer or leveling uneven concrete slabs, Duron Atlantic has the right solution for you.

Ensure the integrity of your investment, by contacting Duron Atlantic for an inspection and estimate.

Duron Atlantic concrete repair and restoration services include:

  • Crack Injection – Epoxy & Urethane
  • Concrete Delamination & Spalling Repairs
  • Grout Pumping & Void Filling
  • RetroPlate System®
  • Ashford Formula™
  • Slab Resurfacing & Renewing
  • Slab Replacements
  • Soffit & Slab Repairs
  • Hydro Demolition
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Duron Atlantic Limited is a Maritime-based company that serves all of Atlantic Canada.  Anyone who lives here will tell you that we live in one of the most beautiful corners of the world, but that we have one of the harshest environments for buildings and infrastructure.  Duron Atlantic knows what works here and we’ve seen what doesn’t.  Let us help you with your commercial projects.